Dave Pelz Golf Putting Tutor Training Aid

Dave Pelz Golf 4007
Putting Tutor Training Aid
Form a consistent, reliable putting stroke with the Dave Pelz Putting Tutor. This training aid is designed to give you specific feedback so you know what aspects of your putt to improve.
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Dave Pelz Golf

Dave Pelz Golf 4007 Description

Dave Pelz Golf Dave Pelz Putting Tutor Training Aid Features:


The Dave Pelz putting tutor can help any golfer no matter what the skill level. The Putting Tutor was designed and created by Dave Pelz but heavily inspired by Phil Mickelson and captures the truely important aspects of putting, which is starting the golf ball on-line. Not only that but the Putting tutor also helps golfers commit to a particular line when hitting putts. We all know that on some level confidence can be an issue when putting, well this putter training aid can put an end to feeling nervous about the line you have chosen. So many golfers are good at reading a green, however the same golfers struggle to hit the golf ball on the line that they believe is the correct one.


The putting tutor is a very simple concept helping golfers identify what is going wrong with their putting. If golfers are able to hit the golf ball through the gates repeatedly then it is right to assume the putting stroke is in good order however, if the golf ball misses then golfers can know that it was either a miss read of the greens break, or the golfer hit the ball at the wrong speed.

  • Designed to help golfers start the ball on line.
  • Features a guide line to help aim your putt on the exact chosen line for your putt.
  • Helps you Improve your green reading by learning how much putts break by adjusting the aim of the Putting Tutor.
  • Helps verify Eye Position.
  • The 3 different marble gate positions, Standard, Pro and Super Pro help adjust the level of difficulty the better you get using the putting tutor.

To learn more about the Dave Pelz Putting tutor you can read a blog we wrote here.


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The Dave Pelz Putting Tutor is used and endorsed by Phil Mickelson. Practicing with the Pelz Putting Tutor will help you improve your green-reading skills as you simultaneously learn to make consistently better putting stroke. The feedback the Putting Tutor provides takes the mystery out of missing putts and you will become a better putter!

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