GLT Golf Expert Golfer Book, Truths on How To Become One, Golf Instruction Book

GLT Golf 53400
Expert Golfer Book, Truths on How To Become One, Golf Instruction Book
Expert Golfer, truths on how to become one is a golf book second to none when it comes to educating both golfers and golf coaches on the various aspects of golf practice that enables the highest level of golf performance.
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GLT Golf Expert Golfer Book, Truths on How To Become One, Golf Instruction Book Features:

  • When it comes to learning about golf most writings are based solely on mechanics, whereas this golf book goes to the cause, not the effect of all golfers problems - practice. Practice is the number one reason golfers stifle their skill development, and the overall goal of this golf book is to change that. Golfers focus far too much on bashing golf balls on the driving range rather than hitting golf shots. Expert Golfer is one of few golf books to compile evidence based coaching strategies that have been used out in the field. Whether you are a golf professional giving golf lessons on the driving range, or you are an avid golfer looking to get better and shave a few strokes off your game, this golf book is what you need.
  • You Will Learn:
  • Informative diagrams and models to use for coaching and teaching
  • Short game performance game challenges, long game performance game challenges, and golf course performance game challenges located in the final chapter


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The best golfers in the world have left their spectators in awe. Their high level of motor skill when executing fine movements in a game that breeds more frustration than inspiration makes it difficult to comprehend. The complexity of golf main aim (getting the little white ball in the hole and bypassing the obstacles presented around it) caused mathematicians to conclude that doing so more often than not is not probable. How do they do it? What makes them so special? Why are they so good? This book will guide you through scientific principles that reveal how the best golfers became the best golfers.

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