GLT Golf Ultimate Golf Training Aid Pack

Ultimate Golf Training Aid Pack
The Ultimate Golf Training Aid Pack consists of the must have training aids needed to improve your entire golf game. Shop GLT Golf Store for the best coaching equipment at the best prices.
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GLT Golf Ultimate Golf Training Aid Pack Features:

  • GravityFit Swing Kid: Quickly becoming one of the hottest training aids in the market, GravityFit is used by Tour players, club players, coaches and trainers around the world to provide feedback on correct positions, posture and movement throughout your swing.
  • Blast Motion Golf Sensor: Combines sensor-based swing and stroke metrics with auto-edited video clips in an easy to use mobile app that provides real-time feedback with a solution designed to help you coach & train smarter and get better faster.
  • SuperSpeed Golf Men's Set: Looking to increase club speed? SuperSpeed golf utilizes the sciences of overspeed training to help players not only increase club speed, but move more efficiently.
  • Visio Putting 12 arc & 15 arc Mi Putting Templates w/ Face Lines: Improve your putting stroke like the players on the PGA Tour with the help of the Visio Mi Putting Templates.
  • Designed to give you visual and kinesthetic feedback of one the most important aspects of putting, controlling the face angle.
  • The Perfect Putter w/ Laser: The training aid that generates a perfect roll every time! This putting tool will show you and teach you how to determine the perfect line and perfect speed for your putts resulting in better line, better speed & more putts holed.
  • The Sheftic Pressure Shift Board: The Sheftic Shift Board allows golfers to learn and better understand how the ground should be used in the golf swing.
  • This tool will take anybody’s golf game and consistency to a new level.
  • The Sheftic Wedge Gate: Designed to provide you feedback on launch conditions with your wedges.
  • Based on research done on pitching with the BEST players in the world, this device will quickly give you the feedback you need to take your wedge game to the next level.
  • Impact Balls (Small, Medium & Large): Arguably the most popular golf training aid, the impact ball will help you fix multiple swing flaws at once.
  • SuperFlex Golf Swing Kit: If you’re looking for ways to play better, the SuperFlex Golf Swing Kit offers over 50 instructional swing training drills that will help you improve all areas of your short and long game.
  • Kit includes 3 functional training bands, 1 resistance band super thin, 1 swing grip, door attachment, drill poster and mobile app.
  • EyeLine Golf Target Circles (3’ & 6’): Thin (1/16 Inches) targets are easy to toss down, pick up and store.
  • Quality practice always requires good targets!

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