About The GLT Golf Store

The GLT Golf Store is a golf retail store located on North Roberts Rd., just off Highway 41, in Kennesaw, Georgia. At GLT Golf, our goal is simple - provide superior customer service, competitive prices, education and information for all of our golf products, all in a way that places you, the customer, first. We do this by creating and nurturing strong relationships with golf’s major brands and institutions, fostering credibility and first-hand accountability rivaled by none in the golf industry.

Founded in 2016 by Matthew Cooke, GLT Golf was created to fill a void in the golf world. Focusing on growing the game in the areas of golf retail, golf information and golf education, GLT Golf focuses solely on its users and their experience. While we strive to have the latest and highest quality golfing equipment offered on the market, Team GLT distinguishes ourselves by making sure we deliver the education and information needed to ensure the merchandise is enjoyed to its fullest potential.

GLT Core Competencies

Customer Service

At GLT Golf, we see ourselves as a customer-first company. We know we’re nothing without people, and we think it’s only fair to return the favor. You can be assured that our highly trained customer services representatives are always just a quick call or email away, and always an actual person. Our representatives are exceptionally well informed about each product we carry; furthermore, if you do have a concern that can’t be answered immediately, we aren’t afraid to leverage our impeccable relationships with our manufacturers to deliver you an answer straight from the source. Whether you prefer to contact us via email, chat or through our toll-free number (770) 809-6117, we take pride in being able to offer real people to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Best Value

You work hard for your money, and golf is not always the most cost-friendly sport. At GLT Golf, helping customers part with as little as possible while still delivering the latest and greatest in golf gear and merchandise is always at the forefront of each decision we make. We pride ourselves on stocking as many items as our shelves can hold, but we’re even more proud of the prices we’re able to provide. We work diligently with our brands and manufacturers to keep our pricing as current as possible, but we take it a step farther. We fight to drive the prices as low as the manufacturers will allow, then pass those savings on to you, the customer, to you hold on to more hard-earned cash.


In addition to our main distribution center and brick & mortar store in Kennesaw, Georgia, we have also leveraged over 30 warehouses across the US and UK to ensure our products are delivered in as timely a manner as possible. In fact, most of our orders are shipped the same day they’re ordered, thanks to our highly trained warehousing staff. All of that means you, the customer, can rest easy knowing your products will arrive swiftly and undamaged.


Core Values

Growth has been rampant for our company, and looking forward, we see no reason not to expect even more expansion. However, despite the increase in numbers, we refuse to lose track of the core values we’ve established as the foundation of GLT Golf: fairness & generosity, collaboration, communication, simplicity, innovation, unparalleled ambition, excellence in quality & execution and commitment to maintaining an unquestionable ethic and attention to detail.